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Online Streaming

Online Streaming

Wednesday 11th July 2012

Cuillin FM have recently changed over the servers that host our online streaming. A couple of listeners have been in touch who have been having trouble hooking in from various devices since the changeover. We have contacted the major directories (Pure Lounge, TuneIn etc) to change the information they hold for us though it seems that some have not yet switched over.

In the meantime, if you wish to listen through your device and can not yet connect, you can manually add a stream URL on most internet radio devices.

Pure users can manually add the streaming URL to their account on The Lounge, by logging into the website and adding a "custom station" to their favourites. (This is done by clicking the + sign next to Favourites, on the left hand side of the site.)

They'll be asked for the station name, and the stream URL, which is:

Once they've done this, Cuillin FM's new URL will be added to their Favourites and accessible on their radio device. Other, similar devices have the same settings, but the interface may differ slightly.

Thanks for your patience. Happy listening!