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102.7FM Back To Normal

102.7FM Back To Normal

Wednesday 21st May 2014


Cuillin FM are delighted to be back broadcasting on 102.7FM at full power and we'd like to  apologise once again for the poor reception quality over the past few months and for the loss of service over the last few days. This was due to a series of incidents which affected our transmitters in Drumuie and Skriag and has taken us quite some time to resolve. Our amazing volunteers have worked so hard over the past months to try and rectify the various problems.

A big thanks also to the Highland Council whose generous funding has allowed us to replace some of the broken equipment.

We would be delighted to hear from you to confirm that you are now picking us up loud and clear. Feel free to email

Thanks for all your enquiries and concerns during the last few weeks and we hope that you will now be able to sit back and enjoy your favourite programmes once again on Cuillin FM.