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CFM New Rotation Starting Mon 3/1/11

Monday 27th December 2010

The full schedule will be on-line as we progress through this week.....keep checking to ensure that you do not miss your favourite programs.

The changes are summarised below:

Monday      6-7pm     The Jazz Hour (1)           Dougie Miller          Jazz

Tuesday     7-8pm     Talent o' the Tartan       Nick Wakeham     Scottish Music Hall

Wed            3-4pm      The Jazz Hour (2)           Dougie Miller         Jazz

                 11-12mn    The Kenny McKenzie Show                          Rock with a difference

Thurs          2-4pm     Hot Wax (extended)     Bruce and Jamie     Mixed

                    6-8pm     Cammy's Rammy (ext)  Cammy Gauld         Mixed

                    8-9pm     Community Chit Chat    Katie and John        Community issues/music

Saturday     1-3pm     Highland Uproar            Chris Grant             Mixed   

There are two new presenters with their own shows, Kenny McKenzie, who has been sitting in on the Chris and Rosie Show and Rock Into The Night with Bruce, gets his own 1 hour show late on Wed night, and Chris Grant, a new face/voice to CFM, gets a 2 hour Saturday show.

Lets not forget another new voice, who joined CFM briefly over the last month, but due to other commitments, only presented 2 shows...Cammy Gauld...who gets an extended show on Thursday evenings.

CFM hopes that all listeners enjoy the new schedule...and don't forget to let us know what you think of the programs.