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Highland Uproar Music Challenge Results

Highland Uproar Music Challenge Results

Monday 8th August 2011

Chris Grant would like to thank everyone who took part in the Cuillin FM Highland Uproar Music Challenge Competition over the last month. Big thanks goes to:

Heckie Cormack (Pelican Web Design)
Steve Amos, Kyle Mccoll, Martin Mackillop and Rob Saunders (Judges for pleminary)
Ruth, Jim Lawson and Drew (Cuillin FM)
Nick Wakeham, Geoff Reade and Steve Amos (Winner Judging Team), Colin Munro and Richy Gray (Mi Inverness) sponsoring the trophy and to you the listeners for voting!

I was delighted to see so many entries for our 1st year and I look forward to running the competition again next year. However more important are the results! We had an interesting final where Monica Chapman and Luci Cahn drew on 217 votes each so we had to ask our winner judging team to decide who should win and it was decided that Luci Cahn would win the Highland Uproar Music Challenge 2011.

The Standings for the competition follows:

1st) Luci Cahn
2nd) Monica Chapman
3rd) Sara Bills and the Hasbeens
4th) Celestial Souls
5th) Amanda Richards
6th) Last Summer Effect
7th) Orly Vardy
8th) Stanley
9th) Acrylic Iqon
10th) Paul Downing
11th) Epiphany
and 12th Applespacebar

Again many thanks to everyone.